Aquarius by Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L


An artist coming from Brooklyn “Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L” creates crazy and dope performances fueled by his love for hip-hop and rap music. Because of his fondness for poetry, he began taking classes to enhance his skills and began his ongoing music career. Breon released a new single for the year called “Aquarius” which has a backstory of why the song is named after a horoscope.

The artist named the song “Aquarius” referring to the sign he always gets romantically involved with. He raps about his love for the Aquarius that was in his life trying to make it up to them. He explains that he is aware of the energy that passes from their bodies to them and that they can clearly connect their thoughts through them, which makes them compatible with one another.

The melodies are mellow yet it gives some hype that will get you tapping through the tunes, there is a clear bass line that hits you right into your core. The beats are lit and smoothly played with Breon’s style of singing.

Breon has great taste in making his music; he has that mellow sweet sound in his tunes and hits you with dope rhythmic beats. You can also listen to “Buggin,” “K.O.H,” “Glass,” “Protocol” and “Mr. Bright Eyes.” The artist is always known for a specific and unique sound, and Breon is out there making it happen with some great music.