Blue by Luna Kat


Luna Kat’s blue is a precious piece of bedroom pop that’s delicate, sensual, mystical, and quite gorgeous if you ask me.

Running a little short of 3 minutes long, this stunner from New York’s Luna Kat is a short small thing that’s full of meaning, honesty, and beauty. The chord progression that leads the musical atmosphere is Jazzy and with just enough spice to make it stick to the ear. The accompanying melody is perfectly fitting and plays quite flexibly around the intricate harmonic base.

Luna’s voice is a beautiful thing. At once it’s relatable and human, not needing to show off, she sings this song in, mostly, a gentle lull that chromatically descends. Simple, effective, sufficient. But she also displays stellar control at parts. Wait for her call-and-response choruses when she expertly jumps up and down in register, elegantly, and very easily too.

The arrangement is simple and is mostly based on airy synths and trap beats, and gentle guitar strums. The lyrics are beautiful and heartfelt. While most people think that the breakup of a romantic relationship is the worst thing, a special few realize that it’s actually the breakup of a close friendship that hurts the most. Luna Kat experienced this, and she’s beautifully recounting her experience in the most sincere way.

Blue is a dark color that’s also quite beautiful and easy on the eye. A ton of artists managed to see and utilize this over the years and Luna Kat has effortlessly added her name to this list. Her “blue” is easily stunning.


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