Babylon Money by Italee


Italee brings us the pure essence of Reggae music with her single, Babylon Money.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, it is known that no one carries a claim for making good Reggae more than the Jamaican, and in this song, Italee makes it very easy to see why that is the case. An incredibly sensitive and melodic number, heartfelt, well-produced, well-sung, and well-intentioned.

Italee directs an honest message to the youth of today, opening their eyes to the injustices and inequalities of the world that we currently occupy. She does so through a textbook reggae rhythm section of warm and driving bass with consistent rimshot-centered beats. The chord progressions are dynamic and are a good lesson to all of those that believe that Reggae is a matter of I-IV-V progressions in either major or minor with no third alternative. The melodies are also heartfelt and are sung with purpose with all the Reggae swagger that makes the flow of words pop out with intense character and color.

Reggae is a rich culture of tradition that should be discovered through an array of outlets, and what Italee provides is nothing less than another outlet to be added to this vast canon. Modern, professionally-produced Reggae, with a meaningful message, and a powerful voice to convey it.


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