Pokey Lights by July


“Pokey Lights” is a new R&B single shining on the horizon by the arising star July, which you’ll find refreshing, soothing, and warm in its sound.

The London-based passionate musician isn’t new to music; he’s been making music since childhood. And for the past few years, he’s been making a name for himself in the R&B/Soul scene with his own distinct, blended sound.

His latest single, “Pokey Lights,” is ear candy. It doesn’t need a specific atmosphere, season, place, or company; it will put you in a good mood anyway. In addition to the R&B signature, it has a trap flavor that adds more spirit.

Some light synth notes open the song, giving a promising feeling for what’s coming next. The rhythms and vocals mash together in a harmony, offering a chilling, delightful sense. The beats bounce smoothly, giving the right amount of energy amidst the relaxing vibe.

With his velvety, dulcet vocals, July delivers a charismatic, soulful performance. He portrays the poetic lyrics with ease and goes with the flow naturally. His voice has a warm timbre that feels like the time when the sun is starting to rise.

I’ve said the song fits every mood, time, and place, but picturing a perfect scene for it by being inspired by its sound and atmosphere, it’s the moments in front of the sea, looking at the dark, getting lighter and brighter with the sun rising, along with increasing the volume to the max.

July’s subtlety structures quality music that can easily stand out in the R&B genre yet be likable to other genre lovers because of his talent and crafted fusion is hard to withstand.


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