Balloon by 5ON5


Our favorite inventive and quirky, oddball Berliners are back with a single that’s business as usual, peppy, fascinating, and weird, but this time matched with an interesting AI-generated video, and considerably peppier-than-usual songwriting and production

Embracing the ongoing increase of AI influence on music, 5ON5’s latest song, titled Balloon, is released accompanied by a stark, AI-generated video that’s as colorful, sweet, and creative, as it is unsettling at times, with cartoon versions of themselves whose facial expressions continually twist and contort in a hard to follow way. With the fantastical backgrounds that seemingly blend the real and the surreal in playful and colorful ways, this video is positively trippy. It helps that the song is blindingly gorgeous. With a simple, repetitive rhythm, prominent and sweet melodies, and a generally hypnotic feel, Balloon’s trippiness is effortlessly carried over from video to sound.

5ON5 continues to be inventive and creative, managing to keep us pleasantly surprised with each subsequent release, and Balloon is no exception. With a delightful video and audio presentation that saw a notable ramping up in production quality, I’m really glad to see them again, and I’ll continue to be on the lookout for their releases.


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