Let You Go by 5ON5


The Berlin-based rock/pop outfit 5ON5 returns to us with another single. 5ON5 has been consistently leaving an impression on me with their releases, with this being the third single I get the pleasure of listening to and the second one to review, I’m very glad to say that the crispy quirkiness and solid quality are not a one-off.

With personal words that are easily relatable for anyone who has gone through a rough breakup, sung by 3 different members of the group, to each their own verse, the song feels communal and seemingly full of dialogue. The composition and arrangement are bizarrely catchy (yay!). Based on a simple progression that’s twisted, processed, and has every drop of potential squeezed out. The song starts out with altered, alien vocals on top of chill, trap beats, which morph upwards into something livelier for the first verse. It’s not until Yumin’s second verse that the song starts to bloom. As the beat gets quicker and dancier, before letting it rip in the outro with a frenetic, spazzing synth melody.

5ON5 continues to pump out a single which keeps getting characterized by a bunch of distinct adjectives. Strange, bold, somewhat viscous, lush, alien… and that’s just a preview. Their songs are quirky gems loaded with originality, and this man here is a fan.