EP: Emerging by Adub Nati


With faith and struggle on the forefront, rapper Adub Nati released hip hop album “Emerging”

Cincinnati- based rapper Adub Nati dropped his second album titled “Emerging” with old-school vibes.

After listening to “Emerging” for the first time, I went on the balcony to smoke a cigarette and think about what just happened and really appreciate the lyrical and melodic force that came out of Adub Nati’s artistic struggle.

Adub Nati’s lyricism and the way he describes things is great. I can feel his spirituality and his connection to god through the music. His voice is similar to Freddie Gibbs which sounds familiar in a great way.

“Emerging” is an experience of Adub Nati’s growth as an artist and as a person, his storytelling throughout the album and the theme of hope and spiritual connection to god add a constant feeling of nostalgia, blending emotions of hope, with doubt and darkness that hits home.

It’s a strong mix of emotions that keeps you engaged while listening to explore and know more about Adub, a great upcoming artist with strong lyrics and great storytelling.

The production is on point with the topics, and the piano and keys playing throughout the album are really a good mix with the rest of the elements

Battling Time

It’s a great start to the album. The guitar line throughout the whole song really goes well with the subject he’s rapping about. It gives me the feeling of cautious mystery, with his voice and the beat punching through the track, talking about the wickedness and immorality of the world. His faith in god and spirituality show a lot, which makes me feel hope that carries on with the rest of the album

Get Me

The keys played in the chorus and the violin pads in the background are great. The rising piano notes with dark -yet uplifting- emotions perfectly fit the struggle he’s talking about, his growth as an artist.

Happenings Here

Right off the bat, the keys give this eerie feeling in a track that speaks about his spirituality and connection with god more, and heaven and hell, speak about his journey of connection.

Waiting on a Word

From the eeriness from the last track, Adub Nati switches to hope and how he’s waiting on the word of god, the keys are in contrast with the topic. This song is like an interlude into the next two songs

Black Flower Sun Star

Adub’s storytelling hits hard with the 808 slides, with the NY drill beat with female vocals in the background driving forward motion. The bridge when the keys come in is like a break from an action-packed film, and I went on the balcony to smoke a cigarette and think about what just happened and appreciate the artistic lyrical and melodic force that came out of the struggle.

The track gets creative with the 808 slides in a way that mixes very well with the rest of the melodic elements, and they sound full.

The guitar gives me this funky vibe, that bodes very well with the vocal sample, also the airy vocals give me a nostalgic feeling that feels like I’m watching the night sky in a dark place with a meteor moving through the sky, in a way that gives me a lot of mixed emotions that keep going on and building up as the track moves along

Don’t Be Scared

The female vocal with the ad-libs in between felt like Adub is actually speaking to me. They felt personal. The piano chords give this old-school vibe like a get-up, motivational boom-bap song, but new, modernized, and well put together. The whole song feels hopeful. His faith in god and the way the song is put together made me feel very hopeful.