Battle Wounds by Podge Lane

Rebecca Dermody

Humans are needy creatures. They essentially need communication, but sadly, not all of them give and take equally, which upsets the balance. Through a light-hearted sound, “Battle Wounds” by Podge Lane, gently opens the scars of one-sided relationships.

Podge Lane is an intelligent musician from Cork City who knows how to create folk music that makes you feel like you’re sitting on a Hawaiian beach enjoying the fresh, sunny atmosphere while hitting you hard with explicit lyrical content that will make you feel like you’re sitting there, in that perfect scene, with a blue, rainy cloud above your head.

“Battle Wounds” has the ideal, well-thought-of balance between brightness and darkness. All of the elements are working on delivering the message in a positive yet realistic manner. Some of them take sides like the instrumentation is on the positive, colorful side, and the lyrics are on the real, emotive side, while the vocals are amidst them with a frisky timbre.

The blended sound of folk, Americana, and the country is subtle enough to soothe the soul that might feel relatable and exposed by the single’s theme. It’s simply an urge to open up and share in a healthy way where there’s no room for self-centered character or a shying-away one, but rather mutual sharing and caring. The mellow melody and the passionate, melodic vocals make sure that the message is spread with a feel-good rainbow of delight.

The artwork by Rebecca Dermody is one of the elements that speak to you, telling you how a one-sided relationship could both water and blossom the taker and wither the all-time giver.

To get a dose of pleasure dipped in an introspective message, listen to “Battle Wounds” below.