Beware Wolves “After the Eclipse”

Artwork by Beware Wolves

After the release of; nine consecutive volumes of 81 songs in less than 30 days, Beware Wolves are striking again with the 10th and the last volume of their anthology soon. We can’t promise what to expect or what it’ll be like, but one thing for a fact, the ingenious artist never ceases to dazzle his listeners with whatever he has to offer. 

“The best thing is to take Beware Wolves by the hand and follow him in his musical universe without asking too many questions. He will guide you to discover yourself.” Edgar Allan Poets – Beware Wolves Volume 3

“Beware Wolves’ music has mostly been compelling, minimal, and simple. Teaching me this valuable lesson. At the end of this journey, If the artist is reading this, I want to let him know that his style, honesty, and bold choices have been inspirational.” Moataz Gwaily of SISTRA

Beware Wolves Volume 10 is set to be released on Thursday, February 23, 2023.

Brace yourselves for, authenticity like no other, exclusively on Spotify and Bandcamp.


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