Bite My Tongue by MIA MORMINO


 Creative and musical merit in pop with a commercial tendency has been a topic of hot debate since it started existence, and regardless of whether you view commercial pop as senseless drivel made as a cash grab, or as works of art meant to entertain a greater percentage of the population, there can be no denying that artists like Mia Mormino, who seemingly thrive on straddling the border between the two prospects, are in all senses of the words, artists who deserve to be heard.

 This Los Angeles based singer and songwriter, and her latest piece of dazzling, glam pop ‘Bite My Tongue’, have managed to ensnare me quite effectively from the first few moments of the song. From the crumbling sound effect at the very beginning to the melancholy laced piano note that drones in the introduction, to Mormino’s vulnerable and exposed delivery, to her witty lyrics, and to her soulful presence, quite restrained and gentle, yet stormy and loaded with emotion, it is all quite eloquent.

 Musically titillating, if compositionally simple (mostly), the merit of ‘Bite My Tongue’ seems to be in how accessible everything is. The trap beats are catchy, the pizzicato strings are familiar, and the thunderous energy is displayed in a non-offensive manner, all creating a rather lovely tapestry that highlights Mormino’s vocal prowess, and the words she is here to say.

 Incredibly strong, sultry, and meaningful, ‘Bite My Tongue’ will teach you a thing or two about self-love and its implications in our human relationships, and will tantalize you musically while it does just that.



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