Ziegarnik by Bartosch McCarthy


Bartosch McCarthy’s neoclassical musings are among some of the best around the globe right now. Ziegarnik is no exception.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, McCarthy’s career at this point is illustrious, even if remains an anonymous face. His work has been performed in Abbey Road and Alvernia Studios, among many more reputable venues. His compositions for various media have been met with acclaim from contemporaries as well as critics, earning him the young composer award in 2016, and launching his work more into the public perception.

Ziegarnik is the effect of seeming to remember unfinished tasks clearer than finished ones. This piece is a part of McCarthy’s upcoming EP, Latitude North. The piece has a sister by the Swiss composer Tristan Seewer, who’s working on a twin EP, titled Latitude South. Ziegarnik is haunting. Grand and minimal, and in a constant upward spiral. The piano theme has a descending bass part that seemingly only lands on foreign, surprising notes, while the inquisitive melody sticks to a solid 8th note pattern that gives it a reassuring consistency. A constant struggle is sustained between the piano and the strained string arrangement that wails and howls, as it attempts to steal the balance away from the gentle, curious piano.

Bartosch McCarthy’s latest composition, recorded with help from the Budapest Film Orchestra’s string section, is a stunning piece of deceptive beauty and simplicity. The minimal piano/strings arrangement is inviting and is exquisitely written, while a grand string arrangement is orchestrated with perfection, to deliver an exceptional dynamic motion to the piece. Sublime.