Blame It On The Whiskey by Rae Solomon


When I first heard “Blame It On The Whiskey” by Rae Solomon I knew that the spirit of strong pop-rock singers that belt their way through songs with a powerful instrumentation is anything but dead. It’s been a long while since pop artists cared for having uptempo rock instrumentation in their songs like this one has, and the secret to why this single is great lies in the execution.

First of all, we hear the chord progression on the acoustic guitar, and the vocal line is sung softly, giving us an introduction and a taste of what’s about to come. The drums and heavier guitars join shortly after when the verse ends and the chorus begins in a very 2000s-esque arrangement, where the bass and drum lines are kicking you in the face with their strength.

Moreover, the strength of the lyrics is on par with the strength of the music. The narrative is accusing the lover of being unfaithful and destructive while blaming it on the drink, and the way it is sung is the cherry on top. Rae’s strong and clear timbre carries the emotional weight of the song amazingly. The control and range that Rae shows here are too versatile for one song, and I’m totally here for it. From breathiness to chesty strong notes to vowel modification…this woman knows her techniques so well.

In conclusion, if you were a fan of Avril Lavigne, Pink, and Kelly Clarkson in their 2000s era then you will surely love this track and the energy it brings. If you were not a fan of said artists, then you will fall in love with the belting and the rock-ish qualities of the song, and like me, you will begin researching Rae Solomon and listening to her on the regular from now on.




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