“Utopia” is the latest single from Swedish rockers Among The Masses and it’s a song that brings home almost every influence and trope the band members love. 

The track starts with keyboards and synths that have a very modern and futuristic tone. The vocals and drums shortly join and from the first few notes that the vocalist sings, I could feel the band’s style and the mix of genres they are aiming towards. It felt like a mix of Anathema and Pink Floyd at first, in the sense that the vibe is both gloomy and has some prog details to it, but then I was hit with how the song also maintains a conventional song structure that gained it a ton of accessibility. 

I love how the sectioning of the verses and chorus was clear and it made me able to imagine how everything is. I even felt like covering the song myself from how much it stuck with me. The vocalist lets out a beautifully long high note before the bridge that felt like part of an epic soundtrack, one of the many vibes that the song has got. 

One more aspect I love about this song is the stellar production that makes the bass and drums sound clear and present among the melodic elements of the track. It’s rare nowadays to hear a production this balanced and fair to all the elements in the same production style. I recommend this song as you won’t be able to get it out of your mind after the first listen and I promise you’ll love it the more you listen to it.




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