AWAY by FM Experiment

Raphael Lennen

Sometimes words fail to express what we feel, and we find ourselves speechless. Music, on the other hand, always has its ways of speaking through us, conveying every complex, conflicted emotion we have within its heartfelt melody. FM Experiment’s “Away” will show you how music can speak to you and through you.

“Away” is an ethereal instrumental piece by the atmospheric jazz sextet FM Experiment, based in Los Angeles. With six talented musicians gathered on loving jazz, playing various instruments with passion, and performing their hearts out, this track connects with one in a way that goes beyond words. 

Soulful piano notes open the track, and it gets smoothly joined by gentle percussion, giving a melancholic yet peaceful feel. One by one, the instruments overlap, offering a bunch of emotions at once. The piano is taking over the lead, and as its enchanting act progresses, it sounds like a rhythmic story is being told, as if an emotional person is telling it, and it sounds both wistful and dreamy. How each element harmonizes with the other gives the impression of negative and positive sensations fighting and hope to try to break free in between.

The beauty of “Away” is that it works on delivering how it feels to be obligatorily away from the people you love, as it happened during the pandemic lockdown, and somehow, it also builds a positive atmosphere that attempts to take the pain away.


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