BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One) by Moon and Aries


A cross-continental and non-fictional collaboration between German composer and producer Tom Aries and Canadian writer and singer Jordana Moon on a new album “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)”.

Through their Moon and Aries label, we find passion, innovation, and creativity that bring complex, beautiful music and philosophical themes at levels that stimulate awareness and ideas.

The captivating melodies of Aries and Moon’s crystal vocals combine to create a musical trilogy that takes you for 10 minutes and 34 seconds into a sensory realm charged with fluctuating emotions between nostalgia and futurism.

“Closer and Closer” is the album’s first journey in which powerful grooves and emotional vocals unite in a layered synth in which pure, contemporary electronic beats mingle with poetic lyrics, blurring the spaces between earth and sky in a fun and unique way. Then we’ll have an immersive introduction that will keep us looking forward to more.

“The In-Between” is the second journey with a dynamic rhythm from the 80s, in which the piano keys lead us to areas where we feel strange and strange but wonderful and attractive, during this journey we can touch the emotion in Moon’s voice.

Your final journey is announced by the voice of Aries as he dives into the depths of the ’80s scene, “Losing Control” begins with a catchy hook and then swims into ethereal layers as melody, rhythm, and sound melt, for a decent closing of this fun collaboration.

This album is like a fantasy world whose music excitingly reaches the feelings, so its name “BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)” seems to add a lot to its content or vice versa, if you are looking for animated and introspective albums you will love the new Moon and Aries album.