Persian by Dareios

Nick Lawry

A journey that came out of the mind of a songwriter and rapper “Dareios”, who creates catchy beats in each of his tracks. He aspired at a young age which got him to where he is now; making his own music that speaks his mind. The St. Louis-based artist released his latest single “Persian” earlier this year on the 14th of February 2022, which was written and produced by Dareios himself.

The music in this track is unique and catchy which can cultivate in the listener’s ears with the deep and relaxing tones that he adds to it. “Persian” has awesome lyrics in which he talks about Persians by describing their beautiful black hair and referring to themselves as Osiris.

“Persian” is the kind of track you can listen to while chilling in your car. ​​The sleek production mixes ambient electro sounds with a modern hip-hop flair. Dareios has released an official music video a few weeks ago that will get you a bit nostalgic with the quality and the colors of how it’s made.



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