Summer Days by Kongress


Once again, the American band Kongress from Brooklyn, New York, returns to us with a new artistic discovery in sound, which is their new single, “Summer Days”, which they released last August.

This band was founded in 1975 but discontinued, and since 2020 has been active again with its only remaining member, Otto von Ruggins.

“Summer Days” which was written in 1967, Kongress has brought it back to life, but with a new voice after discovering its lyrics and adding some modern electronic touches, which he created on the iPad earlier this year.

“I came across the lyrics recently and after playing old music, I realized she needed some new music for the day,” Kongress says of his miracle.

This song is inspired by the concept of the famous mermaid parade (in caps) at Coney Island in Brooklyn. Its video is among the best shots Ruggins himself has taken of the parade marches over 30 years.

The new spirit is driven by New Wave rock and electronic explosions, this experimental artist whose music hears every element doing its job to perfection, knows how to navigate this psychedelic space to convey the feeling of summer, guitars move gently with the psychedelic synthesis in slow motion complemented by melancholy vocals.

The complex melody and simple rhythm of “Summer Days” take us to dimensions that we can’t easily grasp, but involuntarily attract us with its charm anyway. This confirms that Ruggins’ wealth of experience weighs in on everything he wants to create.

Kongress is undoubtedly a group far ahead of their time, and we’ve been trying to absorb their talents since the ’70s. They deserve your attention because they will influence the trajectory of your imagination.



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