burden to bear by sam marke


There are several forms of communication that aid in understanding, barrier-breaking, and interpersonal development. But what if a person is unable to employ any of these methods? One of the reasons why it’s difficult for people with autism to connect with others is that they frequently feel misunderstood and unheard. sam marke carries a sublime message about that matter, which is delivered through his heartfelt single, “burden to bear.”

sam marke is a sensational musician from Long Beach. His debut single, “burden to bear,” showcases his aesthetic abilities as a singer and songwriter and teases what’s to come. 

“burden to bear” is a stripped-down ethereal piece of art that portrays the conflicts of thoughts and emotions autistics have when it comes to communicating with others. What makes this single greatly touching is that sam marke is an autistic person and this is his personal experience.

The single demonstrates how autistics have sparkly talents in general and, in particular, how sam is a remarkable musician who, with a simple melody and astonishing vocals, made this musical marvel. The soothing instrumentation gives space to the significant message and offers it in a serene, sophisticated manner.

The lyrics are written from the depth of the heart to reach the depth of the heart, and they play a key role in delivering the message. But in my opinion, what stands out in the song is sam’s wide vocal range. I mean, wow!! A voice like that will compel you to be moved, whatever the lyrical content is. The intense, layered part near the end is beautifully overwhelming.

Through the harmonic pop/rock hybrid sound, the stirring lyrics, and the velvet voice with its melancholic tone, sam succeeds in making all the autistics out there feel heard and understood, and makes the rest learn their lesson and know that nobody should feel like a burden! It’s always the better option to be kind, patient, and understanding.


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