Far by Rob Eberle


A huge slice of the world has memories of the “Super Mario” video game, and nearly the same percentage has painful memories of figures that no longer exist in their lives. What is the link between these two things? Well, in a normal world, there’s no connection but the nostalgic feel, but in Rob Eberle’s “Far” realm, there’s a magical harmony between them.

Rob Eberle is a seventeen-year-old young talent that has the artistic quality to be a shining star soon enough. The Long Island-based singer/songwriter and producer has artistic skills that don’t give away his young age.

“Far” sets a remarkable example of what Rob Eberle has up his sleeves. Besides his multi-talents, he surely wears his heart on his sleeve, offering a vulnerable, intense, and authentic track. It’s structured with a sound that offers a melancholic, soothing, and upbeat feeling at the same time.

As Super Mario’s main goal is to save the princes, the bleak, poetic lyricism is all about missing the lost love of a faraway princess. On some levels, you can hear the game’s theme song in the rhythms and feel as if the poignant vocal performance is jumping along with the beat, battling with feisty emotions to reach the far star.

Maturity isn’t tied to a certain age; its growth depends on experience. Rob Eberle’s “Far” proves that he’s emotionally and musically mature. How he depicts the heartbreak through each component shows how sincere he is. How he compels the piano notes, synth grooves, and swift drumming to back up his soulful, saccharine voice in conveying the fragile sensations demonstrates where he stands as a profound musician. The blue bassline solo was kind of a surprise, a pleasant one indeed. It added more warmth and romance to the narrative.

For a sensational journey filled with sonic treats, hypnotic vocals, and dreamy storytelling, listen to “Far” below and just chill, letting it take you far away.


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