Bury the Lead by Geez Louise


Adapting a vision to mix their influences with their own touch creating something unique and their own, Geez Louise wrote their upcoming EP “Candy Bruise”. An EP filled with ups and downs just like real life. “Bury the Lead” is a deep tune off the EP about how do we choose to hide certain details about ourselves in relationships so, let’s see how it goes.

With classic alternative rock vibes, “Bury the Lead” starts. It sounds like its core is coming from the good days of The Cranberries and Alanis Morissette with modern layers that made it their own. It keeps on smoothly progressing with beautiful melodies, the vocal melody is haunting and guitar melodies are layered and keep on building up on each other until you reach the fluid flowing chorus with its significant distorted guitar. “Bury the Lead” escalates smoothly as a stream of beautiful melodies into a bigger and more emotional sound before smoothly going again to its catchy chorus that takes you to the outro.

“Bury the Lead” is a mellow tune with an emotional sound that’ll make you feel its melodies deep. It has a smooth and enjoyable structure and flows with catchy dynamics, looking forward to Geez Louise’s upcoming EP to check out their whole sound and vision. Cheers!


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