Candy Bruise by Geez Louise


The Nashville-based rockers Geez Louise are one of those bands with heavy influences that they are planning to make good use of. Mixing their influences together and adding their own unique touch they wrote and released their debut EP “Candy Bruise” on the 1st of July, 2022. It’s a real piece about real life’s ups and downs and sometimes misfortunes all draped in a classic alternative sound from the land where Alanis Morissette and The Cranberries came from.

“Candy Bruise” kicks in with the dreamy “Old Haunts”, a song about our most confusing age period, the mid-twenties. It starts with a mellow swaying melody with Sierra Torres laying some “jazzy” vocals before the distorted melody takes over control. The guitar tune felt pretty accurate with the song shaping into a more alternative sound. The groovy (Caribbean maybe) interlude around the 2:30 minutes mark was pretty surprising and I loved how they took it from there to that heavy fuzzy ROCKING outro. You can feel them steering into a brighter and more colorful direction in “Placing Bets” like everyone decided to go on and have fun. Bassist Eli Slaughter and drummer Tyelen Gibbs are in perfect harmony while Sierra Torres is flexing her vocals (especially with the chorus’ beautiful vocal melody) and guitarist Nick Jude is throwing melodies and licks everywhere before playing a classic alternative solo. Remember the part about mixing their influences? Keep that in mind while playing “Bomb Shelter”.

Its floating samba-like melody will get you moving with its smooth romantic melodies. Choosing such sound and melodies for a song about domestic abuse within romantic relationships to reflect the struggle the victims go through as they are being deceived under the name of love was a brilliant move from my POV and, it proved Geez Louise’s work’s authenticity and vision. “Solipsism” is about getting lost inside your head and leaving your dark thoughts to take over control. Its sound takes us back to their groovy sound with a chilling sweet vocal melody and a super interesting bassline. It progresses into a heavier sound around the outro with some outstanding intense drumming that I believe reflected the mess we’ve all got inside our heads at that state. Exploring a grungier sound comes “Out Out”, it was a needed rocking break dynamically as it boosted the EP’s mood with its rocking wailing guitar intro and playful vocal melody. The production and guitar tune was on point with this one as it sounds so old school, I’m picturing a black and white music video. Ending the EP with the mellow streaming “Bury the Lead” that I was lucky to review a couple of weeks ago and I believe it’s still my fav. It sums up Geez Louise’s sound with its laid-back beautiful melodies, floating groove, fluid-structure, tender vocals, and solid songwriting. 

“Candy Bruise” is a very special debut, the songs are all on the same standard with lots of effort and musicianship that’s clearly showing, the EP’s dynamics and songs’ order is quite interesting and logical and the topics are heavy and real. It shows that Geez Louise knows their influences quite well and that they have a clear vision about how they’ll use those influences. I really enjoyed “Candy Bruise” and I would say that it’s one of my favs so far this year and I believe it’ll be yours too. Good luck Geez Louise, I’m looking forward to your full length. Cheers!


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