Call Me by King Kismet


I was thrilled to learn that American artist King Kismet has released his new single “Call Me”, after his racy singles “Wounded Healer” and previously “Catching Fire”.

This song is brought to us by King Kismet’s voice that will make you anxious since hearing it for the first time because it’s a love song about how it feels when you can’t wait to see someone again. But phone calls and FaceTime calls, can help you feel closer.

King Kismet connects us with his song through electronic fabrics in a mysterious atmosphere and vibrant melodic guitar, and leads us with romantic words into his world saying “All I need is that we are together, wherever we go, at this moment, you will say it as you mean forever…”.

The song expands on a well-loved soundscape from King Kismet with strong music composition and distinctive production. The acoustic design is also unique and hypnotizes us with the dynamic changes throughout the song.

We can say that King Kismet sings from personal experience and that he revives his feelings through this song, which reflects that if we want everything to continue and grow, we must nourish it, like green grass we must water, and our relationships with others must be nourished with time and energy Then everything will flourish.

“Call Me” is a song that you can add to your playlist that gives you energy because the singing style and rhythm of the music will surely move your whole body.