Capo Corleone and Kuba Więcek When Hip-Hop meets Jazz!


Capo Corleone is an international recording artist & music executive based out of Los Angeles, CA. He is the CEO of C2 Management and the founder and former CEO of Tree4ort Records. His music has graced many stages and television screens throughout his tours in Europe and the United States, earning the alternative Hip-Hop artist the global success he has received today.

His latest project is a collaboration with notable Polish jazz musician and global producer Kuba Więcek. Their 2022 singles “Fly”, “Brakes” and “Thank Myself” were released with international acclaim as “Corleone continues to shape the sound of the future” [Earmilk, 2022]. All three singles charted several times in the United States, Poland, and globally.

Now, they are unveiling their anticipated EP, Thank Myself, a combination of tracks that touch on everything that makes us human. From the difficulties, the pain, the rejection, the travel, the good feelings, and lastly and most importantly, the gratitude we all eventually face. This EP forces listeners to reflect on themselves, with Corleone opening up about his own, personal experiences.

The seven-track release is based on a new sound that’s authentic and original to both Corleone and Więcek’s influences in Hip-Hop and Jazz. This hybrid of genres is natural for a duo that is one part Sax one part Emcee. A sound that’s different from their peers.

Title-track “Thank Myself”, as well as the overall theme of the EP focuses on a central topic of self-gratitude for one’s own accomplishments, self-will, determination, and love for oneself. “I want to encourage people to thank themselves for their scars and to thank themselves for remaining strong despite the obstacles and naysayers. These are the things that make us the powerful human beings we are all capable of becoming” says Corleone.

Sky-rocketing to a charted position in the Apple iTunes Hip Hop Charts ahead of artists like Drake, Kanye and Eminem, Capo Corleone continues to garner huge success. He also wrote the walk-out song for World boxing champion Nina Meinke. He is frequently a guest on TMZ and was previously a radio host of The Fixxx on Dash Radio. Alongside Więcek, whose collaborations have seen huge success with Warner Music Poland, and most recently, the title of winner of the Fryderyk Awards – New Face of Fonography for Jazz, they collaborate with Zalia’s unparalleled pop successes to shape the sound of the future.

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