Casey Moon Released Her Third EP “Ashers”


Casey Moon releases her latest and third EP, ashes, after the successes of her first two Eps fountains and mirrors as a part of her trilogy.

Find out below her thoughts about her latest EP:

“Over the course of 2022, I released the first two of my trilogy EPs: fountains and mirrors. The third EP, ashes, is here now. Each project varies in genre and draws thematic influence from a different film or TV series. Listened to sequentially, the projects tell a story about growing up, love and loss.”

Find and listen to ashes in full featuring the latest single, “distance,” on all streaming platforms here.

This final EP is about the sudden horror of waking up and finding yourself in the throes of self destruction. Habits can creep up on you – feeling like you’re in too deep, stuck in your own mess. Lyrically I took influence from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which is all about memory, the will to forget, and the pitfalls of not moving forward.

How long’s the distance between you and me?

I guess I’ll spin the wheel and see

“Writing music has always been a way for me to understand complex emotions. I feel like this project has helped me make sense of a very tough time in my life, figuring out how I got there and what changes I needed to make. I hope it can do the same for someone else.” – Casey explained.


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