Safety House – New Single from The Emerald Ruby


The indie artist The Emerald Ruby releasing her latest single Safter House, after the success of her latest EP.

Check out what did she say about her latest single below:

“My name’s Jen and I’m a disabled, independent, music-based multidisciplinary artist. As you can probably gather, I’m about to release a single (closely followed by an EP). I’d love for you to have a listen to Safety House, my angry little folk tune about the failures of the government during the pandemic lockdown period. On this track I sing, I flute, I ukulele AND I managed to convince some friends to add some extra pizzazz – Joe Gould (crooked fiddle band) lent me his vocals, Peter Hollo (SEIMS / Four Play) lent me some cello, and Miranda Arrighi lent me some fiddle. There’s also a video if you’d prefer to watch and listen”

“If you like it, manage to have a listen, and not much else, I completely understand! If you do, however, happen upon a little extra energy, I would really appreciate a short email letting me know your thoughts! Sharing my work around also means a lot to me, as it can be difficult getting my name out there as an independent artist. Lastly, I’m available as a session musician if you or any other musicians you know need a flautist.”

Photographer: Brayden Porter
MUA: Benjamin Frazer Mckenzie
Costume / Set / Pictured: The Emerald Ruby


Rohan Parry: Audio Production
Brayden Porter: Photo / Video
Benjamin Fraser: MUA / Additional Photography
The Emerald Ruby: Song / Flute / Ukuele / Voice / Editing (photo and video) / Visual Production / Styling / Costume / Admin
Joe Gould: Additional Vocals
Peter Hollo: Cello
Miranda Arrighi: Violin