Lyrics to her song by Andy Louis


Brooklyn, US-based solo artist Andy Louis will release a cool and laid-back alternative pop tune called ‘Lyrics to her song’’, on the 30th of October. Totally recorded, written, and produced in his bedroom, this song‘s style is a mix of chill and groovy. It all started with the song being only instrumental for a video on Instagram, but after creating it and letting it sit for months, Andy revisited the song and still liked it, and decided to make a whole song out of it, lyrics and all. Andy started making music in 2015 and is inspired by artists like Daniel Caeser and Photay. Some of the big artists that praised his previous works are Dua Lipa, Justin Beiber, and Selena Gomez.

The lyrics to her song are cheerful song with an upbeat soundscape infused with alternative sounds that tone it down with a chill element. The song talks about a woman who takes on the struggles of life with courage and an open heart. The vocals of Andy are fierce and the lyrics are told like a story. The main sound used as the canvas of the song is a synth sound that creates a soft yet dancey melody. The musical arrangement is made to gradually include different sounds, and the harmony includes a guitar sound effect that changes into other electronic sounds to deliver the same notes which is a really cool addition to the melody of the song. The slow rhythm is interrupted by a really long, mellow, and playful guitar solo. You’re gonna get your chill surge of delightful vibes from this song.