Chosen by Destiny Imani


If honest, chill RnB, with an ethnic, uncommon edge is your cup of tea, then by all means, give Destiny Imani’s latest single a spin, it will not disappoint. 

The Los Angeles native Destiny Imani is on her fourth studio-recorded single of 2022. Chosen is a contemporary RnB song with sensual undercurrents of true, soulmate love, and an inspired arrangement that’s hip, accessible, fresh, and very chill.

Chosen is downtempo. Dominated by airy, dark atmospheres, courtesy of darkly atmospheric keys that sound foreboding and haunting. An intoxicating bass line is constantly snaking around the minimalistic-yet-rich composition. A lush song, the voice of Destiny is rich and warm, and delightful, her lyrics are romantic, heartfelt, and honest, and her delivery is simple yet direct and intoxicating. An immediate star of the show is the unconventional, trebly guitar that plays wonderfully cooky lead and rhythm, all over the song, perfectly and effortlessly filling in all the gaps.

Chosen is deliciously written, and even more deliciously implemented. Via masterful mixing, Destiny Imani managed to create an outstandingly smooth piece of RnB that’s darkly atmospheric, effortlessly honest, and captivating. A truly sublime effort.


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