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conversations by Jodré

conversations by Jodré

From Portugal comes Jodré, an emotional powerhouse of a singer. With Angolan roots and a base of operations in Lancaster, the man is a multi-cultured troubadour who knows a thing or two about putting one’s heart on a record.


Conversations, his latest single, is released to talk about his first serious relationship. He meant to write a song that expresses the purity of those earlier days in a relationship and managed to somehow faultlessly capture that. Through the use of a slow tempo, his melodic high Tenor, and Jazzy progressions that add just the right amount of spice, Jodré’s latest offering is a heartfelt, gorgeous piece of contemporary RnB that evades the usual pitfalls that can easily make music of this kind derivative and unexciting, instead capitalizing on just what makes him stand out, and that’s a beautiful voice, and an ear for melodies and harmonies, to drop a stunning love song.


I’m quite a big fan of over-the-top love songs. Even after hearing a million different love songs, there’s a charm that will never run dry to a sensual love song that’s made from heart, and Jodré’s Conversations is definitely among those.


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