Get a Grip by Jonathan Shapiro


After a breakup, some want all the attention and care they can get, while others want just to be left alone. Jonathan Shapiro is obviously the second type, and he’s expressing himself emotionally and musically in his latest hit, “Get a Grip.”

Jonathan Shapiro is a young, emerging artist hailing from Binghamton. Although he’s only 21, we can say that he has found his niche and he’s ready to hook us with his catchy, groovy sound and raw, crispy vocals.

“Get a Grip” is the artist’s fresh release that demonstrates his organic Hip-Hop/Hyperpop sound. It’s a less than two-minute track that has a dynamic yet melancholic vibe throughout. It was more than enough to taste the capabilities this talented musician has.

A dusky acoustic intro kicks off the song. The guitar chords are what retains the dark ambiance; other than that, the electro elements present an edgy, frustrated, and energetic feel. You can hear the drumming mingling with the passionate vocals to convey the sensation of slamming the door in order to be left alone.

There’s a vocal diversity here that showcases Jonathan’s rapping prowess. His trap flair is distinct, and he goes in sync with each bar’s mood and keeps it up with the rhythms. It’s odd that he made the song over FaceTime with his ex-girlfriend, but he sincerely portrays his experience and point of view through the lyrics and each other elements.

You might find the single below relevant or not. What I can guarantee is that you’ll enjoy its contagious beats and anticipate seeing what else Jonathan Shapiro has up on his sleeves.


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