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Friends by Bo Weber

Friends by Bo Weber

It’s almost 20 years now since Friends started, and it persists as a mainstay is our pop culture to this day. Which is probably what drove Bo Weber to release this latest single of his. Called Friends, with a video that’s an accurately cut montage of the 10 years of Friends. Love Friends or hate it, no one can deny its lasting effect.


One might be forgiven for accusing the Minneapolis native of being lazy. Friends is old and is kind of an overused trope. But the video might be what overturns this charge. The inspiration is a sweet childhood memory of Weber and his sister, as they used to sit around watching a muted TV while listening to the radio, waiting for the rare moments when both the sound and the vision aligned, and watching this video, you can easily feel that effect, as it is edited in such a way to make the characters appear as they are singing along to the chorus. Moreover, the scenes chosen for the video do fit the storyline of the words. Lack of Budget or not, Bo Weber managed to make an endearing video.


The music might, unfortunately, leave a little to be desired. The track is chock full of modern Trap sensibilities. Trilling hi-hats, sleepy vocals, minimal composition with sparse instrumentation. It’s a proven formula that can hit or miss, depending on who’s listening. The beautiful vocal chemistry between Bo and his feature, Amanda Yang, is a noteworthy element. Leave the video and the whole Friends thing aside, this song can be saved by the grace of the vocal harmony on its own.


Bo Weber’s latest song is full of artistic merit, as it is full of overused details. You’ll either love it or not stand it. Unfortunately, we have to be impartial.


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