Cool Girl by Maria Weissman


The stripped-down acoustic ballad “Cool Girl” is the second single and video off the forthcoming EP “Cool Girl” by singer-songwriter Maria Weissman. Bright Eyes’ Lua, Julie Byrne’s Prism Song, and the Weepies’ The World Spin Madly On provided musical inspiration.

Weissman never wastes a note in her songs. All that is required to produce a lasting impression is a hook, a word, or an elegant surprise. The song does not sound strained or laboured in any way. Taking a breath is never a challenge. The song seems to have been composed by a talented musician whose primary motivation is to serve the music. Despite the limitation of space, these verses are dense with details.

Replaying the song reveals previously undiscovered elements, as Weissman’s voice becomes increasingly resonant with each play. The recording’s deceptive simplicity progressively fades away to expose precisely planned gestures and moments. That is the record’s breathtaking beauty.

The artist carries these intriguing tunes with unexpected chord changes and sounds that keep us on our toes. This song addresses sensitive issues such as emotional isolation and loneliness with a delicate touch.

The tune derives much of its strength from restraint and nuance as opposed to ostentation. The singer-songwriter carves emotions, impressions, desires, and regrets with subtle, dramatic strokes.


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