OLLIE OFF A MXLLY by Gallowayyys


A true creative is someone who fluidly navigates the borders between distinct colors of their respective crafts. It’s a big deal in the creative circles to not be pigeonholed into a certain style. A visual style, color palette, or musical genre. And in this regard, I can wholeheartedly say that Gallowayyys is an artist that easily transcends those boundaries.

Gallowayyys is a moniker for Blake Alexander, an LA native who’s here to create a community that brings together marginalized youth in a safe, accepting haven using his music. OLLIE OFF A MXLLY is musically difficult to explain. Gorgeous as it is. A song that talks about the anxieties and regrets experienced in a drawn-out breakup. Blake approaches those lyrical themes from a musically special place.

The voice is varied. A variety in melodic approaches and aesthetics. Some parts are sung, others are rapped, some are wordless chants, and others are rowdy punk-like shouts. All mixed in an utterly dynamic mix that never fails for a moment to grab the attention and keep it. The musical composition is simplistic which leaves a vast space for all musical elements to shine. A generally washed-out vibe that persists throughout the song and a very low-tempo drum beat in the introduction are beautifully contrasted by a quirky out-of-place conga beat.

A very smart piece of music from an aurally aware artist who’s in tune with the sounds coming out of his mind, and with a message to match. Truly enjoyable, catchy, and creative.   


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