Do Ya by Dorian

Leslie Planas, Dorian Lake-Planas

Dorian returns to the music world with the announcement of a new EP titled “33” and the promotion of a brand new track titled “Do Ya”!

For Dorian, a Baltimore, Maryland-based musician, this isn’t his first time out in the music business. Multiple releases, such as “Dream World” and “Songs in the Key of Love,” have propelled Dorian to the forefront of the alternative indie R&B industry.

Overall, “Do Ya” is deliberately danceable and confidently chaotic. It is restless music for restless individuals. It keeps the listener’s attention for the length of time that a standard-length song requires. Dorian, like so many artists of his kind, is aware of his audience’s attention deficit, but he challenges it nonetheless. And it is, to say the least, admirable.

This raucous and exuberant single from Dorian is bursting with life and awe. Joyful and defiant, it is a ferocious force to be reckoned with.

The single is a potent piece of electronic dance music, throbbing forward with a deliberate drive in the beat and a beautifully sung falsetto that elevates the entire experience. When Dorian sings, you are on the edge of your seat, interested, and captivated by the way he controls the song’s energy.

There’s undeniable oddness to the entire piece, thanks to both the electronica aesthetic and the feedback rumble. This song, it seems, is Dorian’s attempt to make a disruptive dance tune, one that implores us to dance while at the same time challenging us if we choose to.



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