Cosmopolitan Girl by Kelsie Kimberlin


The concept of “home” differs from one person to another. But it has been agreed that it’s more than land or any physical place in general. Wherever you don’t feel like a stringer, you’ll feel at home. The Ukrainian American artist, Kelsie Kimberlin, is taking us across the globe to deliver a humane message in her single, “Cosmopolitan Girl.”

Kelsie Kimberlin is a rising pop star that believes in using her voice to inspire people and speak loudly for those who can’t. She’s based in Washington, DC with Ukrainian roots, which made her dedicate her song, “Cosmopolitan Girl,” to supporting Ukraine and sending an international peace message.

“Cosmopolitan Girl” is a light-hearted pop song with infectious beats that is crafted to take us on an adventure around countries with different cultures through the positive atmosphere, pleasant lyricism, and traveling-themed music video.

The song doesn’t mention what is happening in Ukraine and doesn’t support the case in a direct way. However, as we go to Paris, New York, Kyiv, Seoul, Cairo, Tokyo, London, Shanghai, and Dubai, the amusing music video, suggests feeling the intimacy of home anywhere on earth, as all of these cities have their own characteristics features, yet they’ll at the core have humans who are supposed to live in harmony and embrace their differences. Only then will one know by heart that: 

“I know wherever I may roam,

I’m always gonna feel at home.”

It’s nice that a tune that’s promoting a serious matter isn’t made through dramatic melodies. Contrariwise, it has colorful rhythms and earworm hooks. The pop sound is structured to fit the roaming-the-world mood and spread the joy that comes with such an experience. Kelsie Kimberlin’s vocal line is the most euphoric element of the single. She’s singing with a delightful timbre, using her melodious, tuneful vocals to spread peace and cordiality.

It is not every day that you come across a dancy track that uses its sanguine cadence to lift your spirit and build the right amount of energy to mash with the world, explore it, re-love it, and feel the blessings in it.