Boy by MARQelectronica


“A creator of electro dance pop” is how the Newcastle-based singer and songwriter MARQelectronica refers to himself. MARQ became the center of attention after he released his album “Savage times” last July which was praised by the critics as one of the best electronic music albums in the UK.  The Artist is now striking the scene once more with his new single “boy.”

A hint about MARQ’s style of musical composition can be understood by how he defines himself as an electro-dance pop creator.  He never tends to choose complicated lyrics for his songs, which seems to be the secret method he uses to direct his fans’ concentration more toward his musical compositing style and the notes he produces. This concept is evident in the chosen lyrics of the “boy”, which can easily be memorized by listening to it once.

MARQ’s musical style is widely liked by the fans, leading many of his songs like “Bad bones” to reach 12K listeners on Spotify, same with “the spirit of the shaman” which has been listened to by 8k followers.

No differences in the composition style between his “savage times” and his latest song “boy”. Which tells the story of discovering the bad truth about someone’s dirty games and showing him that it is over. As MARQ is still showing his unique skills in mixing deep house beats and orchestral strings with EDM synths. Resulting in the creation of highly energetic musical pieces that are thought to be driving dancers crazy.

MARQ, Who is known as the revivalist of 80’s pop music, is definitely on his way to stealing the lights again with “boy” which showed his abilities in turning early pop music into modern electro-pop that rocks the dance floors.


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