King Of Toxic by Qastalani


A Singaporean artist “Qastalani” has been making contemporary R&B music since 2019. Since then he always puzzled us with his captivating songs. Excellent lyricist who often finds himself expressing his emotions in his own words. Always using laid-back music with jazzy sounds which gets you imagining romantic/dark scenes. Qas released a new single this year calling it “King Of Toxic” in which you can find his creative mind in it.

The music Qas put in this release is beautifully toxic that can catch your attention with the rhythmic beats he produces. In the song “King of Toxic,” a cheater in a relationship is shown to be aware of a flaw in their personality. Once a cheater is caught they’re done and can leave a scar on the other. The trust can never get built back as it was before.

At first, there is a beating tune and then it goes quiet with a background soft vocal adds in joining Qas. A guitar is playing softly in the background which indicates some sadness in there.

He continues saying “I’m what you need” to the other women he is cheating on throughout the song while not being a faithful lover to their own girl.

Qas has always put his stories through into his music and has an excellent vibe he puts in the music is perfect. Making music that is worth listening to like “Replace You,” “Drunk Text,” “Gin N Juice,” “Faithful,” and “Sex Eyes.” The songs are perfect for a night drive on some cold lonely nights filled with the earthy scent that comes after a rain.


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