Cut & Dirty Harry Klein


It’s not as widespread as it should be. Intelligent Dance Music might exist as its own distinct sound and color, but it’s mainly used to describe the intelligence of the computers of the production gadgets the performers use to elicit as much bass as possible from the speakers, rarely do we find IDM that’s actually introspective, smart, and instead of eliciting bass, it elicits thinking and provokes imagery or situations

Harry Klein is an Australian musician and producer who played in the Sydney-based Jazztronica outfit F00l. their disbandment has enticed Klein to further explore his musical identity and develop his sound. The outcome is bangers like Cut & Dirty. A Jazzy, dancy IDM number that tells the hypothetical story of a drug deal during a rave. Diving deep into rave culture, why it exists, and the close relationship between it and recreational drugs, all while enveloped in a neat aura of expertly crafted electronica. The samples used are pristine. The production is immaculate and the ideas are very neat. The general topic is also a unique one that certainly raises unique and profound questions, things not readily found in electronic music. Mind you, what this song has in terms of originality in lyrical themes and musical choices is paid for by a not-really-danceable sound, you would generally prefer to listen to it while thinking about what it has to say than to dance to in a dance music festival. It would work really well in a rave, but that can get a little weird.

Harry Klein is a talented and inventive producer, who chooses to speak about serious topics than just spurt out meaningless dance anthems, and for this choice, even if it is only this one song, we raise our hats to him.


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