USA-based rap/hip-hop artist Doc Breezus released his “D.O.C.EP” with 3 instant hits…

A must-listen to experience for any and all rap/hip-hop listeners out there.

Doc does everything by himself…he produces, mixes, and masters his songs… the songs that he writes and sings/raps…a one-man show for sure that was born from his own room, where he recorded and produced everything.

Fellow producer did the beats for his third song on this EP titled “Cessation”…for the other two songs, Doc did absolutely everything.

If you look at the 3 track names in this EP, you’ll start with “Dedication”, “Over” and “Cessation”…these are based on the Doc in the artist’s name…D, O, and C.

I love it when artists put a bit of interesting stuff like this in their works.

The EP starts with “Dedication” a true rap/hip-hop song, hard-hitting, smooth vocal flow with a darker tint of music…deep and dark.

“Over” mixes folk guitars in the song against the electronic aspects of Doc’s music, giving a very fresh musical experience…

With his last track in the EP, Doc takes yet another fresh turn with “Cessation”, using guitars, going more into the musical storytelling realm…changing his voice too, and mixing up everything…

It feels like the 3 songs here are musically completely different…as if 3 artists created them, but somehow still tied to a single artistic soul and a very focused direction has definitely hit a very musical nerve with “D.O.C.EP” and thus, it a highly recommended listening experience to all listeners and fans of rap/hip-hop…actually, go check it out now.

Wishing Doc all the best in life, we can’t wait to see what he has planned next, but we have a guess…it’s gonna be awesome.



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