Daddy Drwg returns to music with debut album ‘A Tree Called Happy’


Hailing from Wales, Daddy Drwg or ‘Bad Daddy’ as his name translates, spent his youth absorbing a diverse musical palette. Growing up, and becoming an esteemed multi-instrumentalist, his self-taught abilities led to a post-grad in Music Technology at The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, performances alongside globally touring bands and contributions to multiple albums.

Returning to music and re-embracing his passion for playing and songwriting after years away from the art, Daddy Drwg has unveiled his debut album ‘A Tree Called Happy’. Though there is a sense of time away from the project, it emerges entirely through the bright range of genres Daddy Drwg brings to the table. Tracks like ‘1 AM GMT’ are steady, soft acoustic anthems, with gorgeous string arrangements, impassioned vocals and rhythmic guitar parts, whilst on the other side we are treated to heavy grooves, dark vocals and futuristic synth arpeggios in the likes of ‘I’m Your Waste Of Time’.

The album is as much a journey of introspection and self-discovery as it is a listening experience, as the audience follows Daddy Drwg through a vast range of emotions, all portrayed through vivid musical tones.

Daddy Drwg shares, “After spending years of what was a musical hiatus, it has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience writing and recording this solo album and emerging anew as Daddy Drwg.”

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