Dance Dance Dance by Rebel Camp


When things get pretty dark, all we can do is turn on a flashlight and dance it out. The collective, Rebel Camp, crafted the groovy anthem, “Dance Dance Dance,” to make you shake all your troubles off your shoulders and shake your body instead.

Rebel Camp is a fruit that came to life because of seeds from all over the world, as independent artists came from places like New York (USA), Miami (USA), Atlanta (USA), Lagos (Nigeria), and London (United Kingdom) where the pandemic gathered them, or as they put it, “Covid was the catalyst.” It served as a utility to begin their creative journey and release aesthetic works like “Dance Dance Dance,” where each artist put their own touch on something genuine.

“Dance Dance Dance” kicks off with a funky synth that instantly puts you in a bouncy mood. The enthusiastic female vocals match the rhythm’s dynamic energy and sing passionately with a soulful, melodious tone. The entire rich sonic flow is structured in an irresistible, vivid manner, giving the listener the urge to do as the lyrics say:

“To the music lets sway.

All night, all day.

Until your sorrows go away.

Dance Dance Dance.”

The writing finesse is shown in every single element, individually and combined. The beats are catchy and insist on making you sway and get hyped up. It has a skillful production that offers an energetic yet emotional ambiance.

 Once you hear it, you’ll get that it’s not just a peppy set that’s made to be listened to once in a club and forgotten after. It’s the kind of music that sticks with you because it moves something inside you rather than just your body. As I learned its back story, I knew why I felt like this. The composer/Songwriter of this song was left at the altar on his wedding day. He found his refuge in front of a mirror, dancing out the depression he suffered from. This inspired him to write the song.

This is your sign to stop thinking about what’s circling in your head and just Dance Dance Dance!