Dance With Me by Afif Zubiedi


“Dance With Me” is the latest club techno banger from DJ Afif Zubiedi

DJ Afif Zubiedi released the electronic single “Dance With Me” on the 19th of January from Doha, Qatar.

DJ Afif Zubiedi isn’t a new name in music, and if you don’t know him, DJ Afif was a resident DJ for the most notable Syrian and Lebanese clubs from the early 90s to mid-2000s, he opened for David Guetta in Doha in 2010, and this last summer he was been playing Italian beach clubs Seatybeach and Barbetty. Now, only a few days ago, he released his latest “Dance With Me” on Spotify.

“Dance With Me” by DJ Afif Zubiedi has every hallmark of electronic tracks that rock clubs, hype crowds, and blast speakers like an explosion! DJ Afif Zubiedi has you covered if you’re looking for evolving pads, progressive bass lines, and hard-hitting drums, “Dance With Me” is sure to liven up parties!

This track, you just have to listen to this on the biggest subwoofer you can find. I’m serious. It is absolutely MASSIVE. If you don’t have a speaker system at home, then go play “Dance With Me” in your car, and if you don’t have a car either, call a ride share to DJ Afif Zubiedi’s next live set and play it in the car on the way there.. or use really good headphones as a last option. The clarity and power of the production in this track are well worth it.


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