Reality by Marie Chain

Ralph Lagoi

Music can be an experience…

Music can be a journey…

For Marie Chain, music is life…

Coming from Leipzig, Germany, Marie grew up playing piano, since the age of 5, she went on in life discovering herself through both playing and making music.

She has created a space, where her music and positive vibes can grow and teach the world how to connect and heal together…this space is her self-produced festival “Freedom Festival”.

“Freedom Festival” has taken place in Guatemala, Mexico, and Germany…so far…

…the upcoming one is going to take place in Egypt…to be specific in Dahab, a coastal town tucked away between the mountain ranges and the red sea…in Arabic, Dahab means Gold…and the place is definitely gold…

…along with Marie’s golden tunes playing…this event will be a life-time experience to behold…

Marie has many things going on with her music and her festival, not to mention that she’s a pianist, DJ, singer, songwriter, and festival producer…to add to the already rich experience, she just released a single titled “Reality”.

“Reality” is tuned to 432Hz, which is commonly known as the ‘Miracle Tone’, it is known to heighten perception, increase the mental clarity of a person, and unlock intuition.

“Reality” was conceived..and by that, I mean written and recorded in the mountains of Guatemala on a trip through Central America and finalized in Marie’s hometown.

The song is a hypnotic meditative experience, with soaring and mesmerizing vocals, along with healing percussive beats…

Marie did something magical for sure, she created an experience that transcends music and song and went for a healing experience.

The piano is very melodic and acts as the backbone of the song, while the percussions are a steady stream of rhythmic movement… last but surely not least, the vocals…

Vocals in “Reality” are the soul, the essence of life and they are the source of all the healing power in the song…while being richly layered and highly produced, the vocals are an experience in itself, exceptionally moving…can’t wait to experience it in Dahab.

“Reality” is phenomenal and Marie’s music is life-changing…a highly recommended artist, you gotta check her works right now and right away.

Marie, we wish you all the best in life, you’re giving the world the much-needed positivity it’s in dire need of…and we thank you for that.




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