PTSD by Dax


As usual, the least you can expect from Dax is a mind-altering and hardcore realistic song that is able to convey feelings that pang you like never before. Dax released a new song called ‘ PTSD’, all the way from Wichita, US, on the 8th of January. Inspired by Tupac Elvis and Life, Dax really gets gritty with his lyrics and music, a true artist with a vision and a desire to communicate the deepest and hardest parts of the human experience. He really uses his music as a sonic vessel for people to hop on and take a ride through the things we most neglect and fear in our lives. We hope that Dax will play a gig soon like the one he did at the Canadian Country Music awards. 

A tune made of rap and soul, you’ll find Dax both performing rap lyrics in slow vocals as he emits the true pain of being a survivor. The song talks about dealing with the aftermath of trauma and how it’s really difficult to heal and get past extremely shocking experiences. From death, sexual assaults, and accidents to wars and famine, the world can really scar the human soul so easily, and Dax gives us a raw and meaningful song about living PTSD. The overall sound of the song is serious and depressing. The soundscape is slow, and the musical arrangement is rich with notable sound effects like gunshots.  There is acoustic guitar leading the melody and trumpet sound effects that’s giving the song a haunting vibe. There’s a big role for bass too. Dax just does it again with his music and never fails to give something really good to hold on to.



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