Rocket Me High by Tilda Allie


Swedish singer Tilda Allie has released her latest track “Rocket Me High”, the first of five singles to be released on an album called “IKIGAI”. It’s a gentle, cool, and emotional hip-hop tune that lives up to the perfect Neo-Soul influences.

“Rocket Me High” starts modestly in the first clip, then rockets towards powerful melodies that allow Allie to explore her best vocal skills. Her voice ranges from silky smooth to daring with a touch of daring, before opening up to an all-out spiritual effort.

If you like hip-hop beats like me, you will be impressed by the melody of “Rocket Me High” studded with hidden Lo Fi licks. By the end of the song, you feel like Allie’s rocket has taken you from London in Europe to Asia, where Japanese beats are amazing.

From her bedroom, Tilda tells us about an emotional escape from the present to clubs, bars, and parties, searching for the missing things that define our value based on existentialism in her narrative.

Swedish producer and singer combine colorful and interesting imagery along with her emotions to form her art, always exploring with her dark music and melodies deep human ideas through her emotional and powerful vocal performance. So listen to her musical experiences because you will like it.


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