Don’t Speak by Reue

Steven Souza

American artist Reue dropped a bomb EDM/ deep house track called ‘Don’t Speak’, on the 15th of September, from Austin, Texas. The artist considers this track a ‘rain forest style’ psychedelic techno exploration into the 27th song release project this year. Reue is one of the most progressive electronic artists in the scene of his hometown and started reaching that by headlining shows in Boston, Seattle, and all over Central Texas. 


Don’t speak is literally a trip into an evergreen jungle with abundant waterfalls. It’s dark, lush, and intense from beginning to end. When listening to the song you feel like you’re floating and at the same time being shaken up inside a big whirlwind.  The overall sound of the track is mysterious and daunting, with a gradual buildup, almost medium making the musical arrangement really exciting, raising exceptions for more incorporation of different sounds. The highs and drops of the song as a techno track aren’t that frequent, maybe even at all. There is a subtle melodic vibe, with the harmony on loop. Notable sounds would be a sound effect of a keyboard creating playful sounds and moving the fast rhythm onto a more suspenseful yet soft element in the track. Another sound effect that’s really special is the sound of something shaking which is present in almost the whole song. Reue mentioned that he created the sounds using all analog synths and drum machines for a rich tone. Listen to this track for a feeling of mystery and excitement.



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