Make It Whistle by Elion Melody

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R&B artist Elion Melody based in New York, USA dropped a firey and emotional single ‘Make it whistle’’, on the 30th of September. It’s a collaboration with three friends aboard from three major cities. Eric Matthys from Los Angeles, Elion Melody from New York City, and DILAN from London. Elion is a multi-stylistic artist who sings from his soul and displays vulnerability effortlessly. He also has an accumulation of 1.2 million plays on Spotify since his debut EP release in 2022.

Make it whistle is a classic R&B song with a slow and romantic rhythm and a soft melody. The song talks about sensuality and love; loving your partner’s skin, body, and bones, and treating them right the way they deserve. It’s a song that makes you instantly fantasize about your special person. The vocals are soft and smooth. The musical arrangement is simple and the beat is well synchronized with the syllables in the words. There is a good bassline and a notable sound is the whistle loop that creates a special effect in the song with lyrics. The fun fact about this loop is that Elion recorded it while he had Covid. Elion is inspired by artists such as Drake and Young thug. This song is an emotional journey you don’t want to miss!


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