Songstress/A Song and Dance Man by Charlie Steady

Bekah Izard

Artist Charlie Steady based in Fresno, US just released two songs ‘Songstress’ and ‘A song and dance man’’ on the 14th of October falling under f the R&B genre, and part of his second full-length album ‘Magpie’ debuting in 2023. The album follows the adventures of a character called Magpie who seeks fame and hopes to become a mega musical star in a big city full of dreams and opportunities. Charlie is a solo artist who first started as a bassist and backing vocals in many bands in his hometown before pursuing his own musical career. Some inspirations for these two songs and albums in full came from the art rock records of the 60s and created indie/art music. 

Starting with the R&B/Indie song  ‘Songstress’’, the track follows the story of a  girl who sings, describing what she’s like and how uneasy she feels around other creatives. The overall sound of the song is so groovy and cool, with guitar riffs that remind you of the vintage music of the 70s that makes you want to dance. The rhythm is a medium pace with a cool and funky guitar riff moving the harmony and beat. The chorus is so vocally and musically catchy, painting the intense and high pitch tones in the song and at the end, there is a notable intensity rising in the drums. A notable sound is an instrument that sounds like an electronic sort of trumpet or brass instrument that gives the song a fun feeling. The vocals are a combination of high and low pitches as the story flows. This song just screams nostalgic dance music. 

The second song is ‘A song and dance man, which I feel gives a mix of country and rock genres blended together giving us an intense and high-energy song. It talks about how the character magpie has always wanted to be a music and dance man, even though these dreams are dead. The rhythm is a fast one, with a chorus that has a distinct way of vocals that stop at every word as the lyrics are sung, with the drums hitting hard with each stop and syllable. An electric guitar solo full of gloom is the star of this track, followed by low-pitch vocals and soft acoustic guitar. 

This album is going to be one hell of a ride, so stay tuned until Magpie is fully out there full of us to enjoy.


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