Dreams by Joe Sneva


Since he fell in love with Dylan’s music from an early age, Seattle-based singer/songwriter Joe Sneva has been rocking his acoustic guitar with a folky sound and modern soul. Sneva’s 3rd record was out in 2014 and has been releasing singles non-stop since then, and today, we’re gonna dig into his cover of The Cranberries“Dreams” on his latest single.

Joe Sneva’s folky take on The Cranberries“Dreams” is pretty amazing! He managed to keep the dreamy soothing feeling of the original song while playing it with a way different sound and pace. Sneva’s sharp tight acoustic sound mixed with his smooth warm vocals and subtle groovy bass carried the fluid melody gently in a way that made it hit right in the heart, just like the original one with the angelic Dolores O’Riordan may she R.I.P. The way the keys were introduced while playing Dolores’ vocal melody was pretty cool and built up for a dynamic upgrade in the song’s structure, followed by the clean electric guitars joining in with some cool licks, all in perfect harmony with a mellow flow and entertaining chill mood. 

Covering “Dreams” was a bold move by Joe Sneva and shows his faith in his sound and character, he was able to take the biggest part of The Cranberries’ character which is Dolores O’Riordan’s vocal melodies, and turns it into something his very own using pure musicianship and talent while keeping his identity loud and clear. I’m totally putting this on my favorite covers playlist, looking forward to more from Joe Sneva, cheers!


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