The romantic flow of Hindi is in safe hands with Himmat Singh and his latest summer pop hit. ‘Drip Drip’ was written six years ago, recently recorded and released. Himmat Singh thinks it is relevant to this day, but we are delighted to tell him that a sound this chill and timeless will be relevant for many years to come. Based in San Francisco, Himmat Singh is a singer and songwriter whose sensual and trademark winding melodies are essentially Indian. A piece of acoustic pop folk, sung in Hindi, Himmat Singh sat on the words and chords for ‘Drip Drip’ for 6 years before finally receiving the spart needed to finalize the song. And in two weeks, it was as good as done.  

 Extremely warm and cozy, the slow tempo and crisp production make ‘Drip Drip’ an essential cut of summertime pop. A beautiful song to listen to with golden sand caressing your feet on a beachy evening, the vibes delivered by ‘Drip Drip’ readily pass the check.

 It is ultimately a blessing that Himmat Singh slept on ‘Drip Drip’ until the right moment. That he did not decide to shelf it or to drop it half-cooked all those years ago displays patience and an artistic honesty that you could honestly miss given the song’s directness and simplicity. A beautiful song just in time for a summer that is already bellowing hot. 


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