Drive by BlissBliss


After years of experience in the music industry and its wide aspects, Renee Garcia and Lang Bliss come together to remind us how sophisticated and well-curated music sounds. The duo has remarkable accomplishments and has performed with distinguished artists like Amy Grant, Michael McDonald, and Michael W. Smith, among others. Their previous releases received recognition and created a buzz with songs like “No Apology” reaching #15 on the Billboard Dance Chart in 2018 and their cover for “What’s going on” hitting #1 on 2 charts in 2021. The duo’s style is highly influenced by a wide range of artists like John Mayer, Sting, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, and Swing Out Sister.

 This year the Nashville duo is releasing their latest project “Horizon”, a seven-track album due this fall after being recorded back in 2019 yet was never published due to the pandemic. “Drive” is their first single released from the upcoming album; a very sophisticated pop song with a swing vibe, skilled guitar lines, and a strong melody. The track is the perfect mix of catchy pop tunes, rock elements and a jazz/blues feel, it shifts between different moods and themes smoothly, keeping you intrigued throughout it all. The song starts with a keyboard sound effect progression paving the way for the guitar line to keep you attentive to the smooth vocals by Renee who sings the background vocals as well as the lead. Lang on the other hand is the programmer, producer, drummer as well as vocalist in this track. The song was mixed by a London-based engineer Sefi Carmel, who has a different mixing approach than the other mixing engineers based in the US. His approach and details gave them the flavor needed for their track. Every time you listen to the song you will unlock one of its many layers and sounds. We can’t wait for the album’s release and the music video for “Drive” that’ll be out on the 16th of this month. 


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